Never one to be on the cutting edge of a new trend – well sometimes I am – it’s time to blog!  BizBreaks represents a microcosm of who I am today.  I took a HUGE break from the corporate world by putting my money where my mouth was and quitting my job (some would say somewhat out of the blue) six and a half years ago and running screaming from the endless conference calls, mindless meetings and constant HR issues.  I wanted to be a writer again. And a PR guy.

I also wanted to be able to actually see my kids grow up.  I missed months of my oldest daughter’s young life due to the business travel of my last corporate job and it was just time for a change.

BizBreaks also might mean breaking news in my growing communications consulting business.

I’ll also confess here. I am a vacation addict.  There I said it.  And that’s my favorite bizbreak.  Though as an entrepreneur the concept of vacation has changed as I never really get to completely turn off the way I used to try to do when I was a corporate drone. But the funny thing is it doesn’t matter.  Working on my own has reinvigorated my love of the communications business and of writing so those calls and emails while traveling with my family are just part of my new love.  A life that I love.

Now that I have written the first post, I am committing myself to continuing this journey.  I hope you’ll stay tuned.