A 70 plus degree day in Pittsburgh in early March has everyone thinking of spring.  And with spring comes thoughts of rebirth and renewal. 

After six and a half years of running JDC, it was time for a remaking of my look and so I recently launched a new website (www.duroskopr.com) and new logo.  It seems like the perfect time to do it. Maybe it’s all related to the seven-year itch.  

But most importantly it’s a great time to expand the reach of my business – both geographically and in terms of services offered.  I’m looking forward to a great new year with some great new clients – and some potential clients who have me pumped up like I was when I launched JDC. 

Bottom line is that Spring has sprung.  Time to take off the snow tires which I put on just moments after the last significant snowflakes fell in Pittsburgh (of course). Time to use the convertible at every opportunity – celebrate that midlife crisis. Maybe it’s even time to think about opening the pool in early April this year.  

Spring is my favorite season because it means rebirth, renewal and rejoicing.  Rejoice with me!