When I worked for a living (which is what I call my life before striking out on my own) I hated Tuesdays.  With a passion.  Mondays I was fresh and ready to take on the world. I had actually missed my projects a bit while doing all sorts of fun things on the weekend so I came in full of vim and vigor.

Wednesdays were the middle of the week.  Thursday was almost like “weekend eve” and Fridays. Well everybody loves Friday.  But Tuesday.  The novelty of returning to the office has worn off.  Nearly a full week is ahead of you.  People who didn’t have time to torture you on Monday will find you today.  I always left the office exhausted on Tuesday.

But now that I have my own business, Tuesday is just another day.  Saturday and Sunday are too – but that’s another story for another time.  And I look at Tuesdays as a great day to evaluate new business opportunities.  And so I did a little work on that end today.  While I thought that this would be the part of my business venture that I thought I was going to dread the most, I find that it is absolutely the most enjoyable part of owning one’s own biz.

And what has surprised me the most over the years I have conducted business – but more so in the past month – is how willing people are to meet and hear all about me.  Or introduce me to some of their friends and business associates. I guess I have always been that way myself and I hope that means that the good karma I always put out there has paid off with it coming right back to me.  That’s the way the world should work!

I’ve also found that true cold calling isn’t all that scary either.  As someone who has worked in PR and conducted high profile media relations for decades, I guess that shouldn’t surprise me.  The enormous level of rejection associated with media relations has prepared me well for this task.  And I get the same rush – maybe even a bigger rush – when someone agrees to meet with me as I did when I got a hit on the Today Show or in USA Today.

I recently scored a meeting with a dream client as a result of a cold call and discussions are continuing.  I was stunned when I got the meeting.  I am stunned today.  I will be stunned if I get the business.  I really don’t take anything for granted and continue to be driven by the abject fear that I may have to go back to work for someone someday with an office, suit and tie and commute.  Wait, I just broke out in a cold sweat thinking about that.

So for those friends, associates, colleagues and acquaintances out there who haven’t yet referred business my way, what are you waiting for?  Today is Tuesday.