As my search for a flight to Greece for my family this summer continues, I literally kick myself every time I click on that Kayak icon on my iphone. You see, someone told me that you have to book this flight in late January or else it will just keep going up.  I did that the last time we went to Greece and it worked.  This time, I looked at the fares and wasn’t happy with them at that time.  And guess what?  Nothing but up.

But there is a strange phenomenon that I have already ranted about.  I can fly from Pittsburgh through Philly to Athens for $1600.  I can DRIVE to Toronto and fly from there to Philly and catch the same flight to Athens. For $1100.  It’s that damned monopoly USAirways has on the Pit-Phl route.

You airlines can’t deny me the chance to go here.  You just can’t.  

So now our choices are to pay out the nose.  Drive to Philly.  Drive to Toronto.  I hate the thought of driving 5 or 6 hours to catch a flight. Actually I hate the thought of doing it on the trip home. So I wait.  And I click on Kayak every 5 or 10 minutes thinking something is going to magically change.  I’m sure it will change.  I’m sure it will keep going up and I’ll have outsmarted myself all the way to a $2000 coach fare.  Thanks again USAirways.