I have found myself thinking more and more about appreciating the little things.  I am not one who has ever gone by the motto “don’t sweat the small stuff” although I wish I were.  So I’m consciously taking moments in my day to step back and try to do just that.  It’s like a little time out for myself without having to sit in the corner or go to my room.

And it’s true that you can alter your behavior or your thinking if you actively work to retrain yourself on something like this. I don’t know this because I studied it or read an article but because I find it is working in my real life. With kids there is always a lot of small stuff (and some medium sized stuff too). But there are also small GREAT moments that sometimes just pass us all by without a thought.  More than stopping my bad behavior in sweating the small stuff, I am working to better appreciate the good small stuff. Like the time when your kids are laughing naturally at something silly and just being able to appreciate that joy.  Or the time when one of them says something so unbelievably funny, cute or off base that instead of ignoring or correcting, just appreciating the innocence of the moment.

As I admitted in my very first blog, I am a vacation addict.  And we are headed off for spring/Easter break to one of our many trips to the craziness of Orlando and the fantasy world of Walt Disney World.  We almost always have another trip to Disney planned in the not-so-distant future, but this time we don’t due to some other plans we have in the next year or two.  So I have focused on making sure that I better appreciate everything that I love about Disney – AND about being away from the grind with my family and the way that they all enjoy the suspension of reality that Disney is.  And I am probably trying a little too hard to get the rest of the crew to do the same.  I think I’ll stop that for now and just focus on me appreciating all those little moments that make up a day.

And for my fellow Disney fans, have a magical day!