We love Disney.  I know it may be cheesy but the complete suspension of reality and entrance into the Fantasy World of Walt Disney World is one of our favorite things.  A number of years ago we bought into the Disney Vacation Club timeshare program and it has been a great decision considering how often we like to vacation.  While you can use DVC for a myriad of vacations, right now we mostly use it to go to WDW.  And just bask in the Disney difference.

We just returned from a short Spring Break trip and had one of the best times ever – despite the big crowds.  I continue to be struck by how well done everything is – and we discover something new every trip – this time the big one was Typhoon Lagoon – a great waterpark where we had great fun.  But I’m also struck by how the cast members (what Disney calls its workers) keep up the happy attitude (but generally not over the top) and helpfulness no matter what is happening around them.  We had countless encounters this trip with great cast members – from the waiter at a high-end restaurant to the people at the waterpark pushing our tubes into the entrance of a water slide.  From the housekeeping staff admiring the redo of the Ariel statue on their way into work to the bus driver schlepping us back from the Magic Kingdom at 1 a.m.

Now, we have been to Disney more times than I am willing to admit and we really have come to expect this type of service attitude.  But I guess what made it more noticeable this time was what I will call the Disney Dichotomy – the absolute rudeness and misery of so many of the park goers.  How many times did I get hit by someone pushing a wheelchair or in one of those electric carts?  How many times did my 8 year old get knocked into by someone pushing a stroller or trying to run past us on a mad race to a ride line?  How many people stood blocking the entrance to the Fast Pass line (Disney’s system that allows you to skip a line) waiting for the clock to tick to the minute they were allowed in and preventing the entrance of guests whose time had already come?  And my favorite.  The family waiting in the quick service line at Via Napoli in Epcot for pizza and the guy who said..in order:  How long is this going to take?  Is the pizza any good?  How big is it because I’m hungry?  and then when his lunch arrived within a few seconds – “this is not good but I’ll eat it because I’m starving.”  How’d you like to be on vacation with that guy?

Now not everyone is like that but I saw too many on this trip.  I really enjoyed chatting with the family from Buffalo on the bus the last night and am forever in debt to the guy who we asked to take our picture at Narcoossees that same night who happened to be a professional photographer and took the two best pictures my camera has ever taken.

No Disney isn’t perfect. But if you have spent any money to get there why can’t you try to figure out how to make the best of it? And why can’t you step back and take a long look around at the people who are killing themselves in low wage jobs to make you happy – and just give a little of that back.  It goes a long way toward making your trip – and everyone around you – much happier.

Now to take all that fun and translate into an uber productive short week – which I think I can do if I can stop looking at the snow that just fell on the pool furniture outside.