Just some random thoughts for a sunny Friday……

*In writing a group of stories about faculty members from various colleges, I am finding that the people who gravitate to these jobs are largely inspirational human beings.Though there may be faculty members out there who don’t care, I am thankfully able to write about only those who truly put the needs and dreams of students first. Bravo to all of you.

*Since the TSA came into existence, I have always been a great supporter.  Whatever it takes to keep us safe.  However, I really wish there was some consistency to the “little” rules.  Do you want me to hold all of my family’s boarding passes or should everyone have their own? Different even at the same airport (MCO) depending on what line you are in. In one airport kids under 12 should leave their shoes on – in another people over 75 should.  Huh? Just a little consistency on these little things would be nice.

*What is up with the new creepy “trend” of real-lifelike baby dolls being purchased and used as substitute babies by people all over the world?  For the most part, I have seen folks with other kids, grandmas, etc. as the big collectors. Between this and the story I saw about people who collect Cabbage Patch dolls and arrange playdates for them, I have to ask: What is wrong with these people?  I just want to tell them to get a job because they clearly have too much time on their hands.

*It’s been a busy week of work along with family activities after a great trip to Disney. I’ve been doing a lot of writing since my return which always makes me happy.

*Happy Easter to all of my Orthodox friends.