I love moms. All it took was the instant bond that my daughters had with my wife to realize how special the relationship is between a mom and her kids.  Of course I remember the way I felt about my mom and how devastating it was to lose her at such a young age (her 50, me 19) and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her and lament that she never got to meet my wife and kids.  How she would have loved my girls and celebrated every day being their Nana. But sometimes life isn’t fair.

When I married Mina I got a great gift – a mother in law who was so loving and accepting that I instantly felt like a member of the family after just a few dates.  As much as I fell in love with my wife on the night we met, I also knew that joining our families together was meant to be after a very short time. But again, life isn’t fair and when pancreatic cancer took Elli away from us in a dramatically swift period of time, a huge hole was left in the life of our family. This loss was cruel since my girls were (and are) so young and YiaYia was such a center of our world.

But just as life is not always fair, it does go on.  I think of these two great women every day and like to imagine that they have met in the next life and watch over our little family with the love they showed while on earth.

But let’s move on to the mom who is currently at the center of my world.  My wife Mina who is a mother for the ages.  Now the girls love us both of course and they like me just fine.  But loving and liking are two different things sometimes and they REALLY like Mina. All things being equal, given the chance to hang out with mom or dad they will choose mom 95 percent of the time. I used to take it personally but now I just know it’s a fact of life.  Poor Mina, however, could really use a cloning machine or the ability to physically split herself in two.  It would make life easier.  There are times when we are all in the same room and I am just hanging out on Facebook or watching something on TV and Mina is running around doing 100 things and both girls will say “Mom, can you….” Not because they don’t think dad can do whatever they need but because they’d prefer to have mom do it.  So just to give a short list, Mina works part time (but puts in full-timeish hours), serves as PFA president, volunteers at both schools, is an assistant girl scout leader, does 200 loads of laundry a week (at least), makes sure that both girls are tucked in every night, administers any medicine or first aid needed, takes the girls to the mall, the shoe store, the dance supply store, for ice cream and at least 1000 other things I have forgotten.

I just plan vacations.  Well, not quite but some days it seems that way.

So in an ode to moms everywhere, thank you.  Us men folk appreciate you more than you could ever imagine.  And we are in awe of your amazing mom powers to do 100 things at one time and still have the kids want you.  And only you.  And even though it sometimes seems like you will physically split in two, just appreciate that it all stems from the love and connection that your kids have with you.  Happy Mother’s Day.