The signs are popping up.  Multi family garage sale.  Neighborhood yard sale.  It’s that time of the year.  And I don’t get it.  

Why why why do people buy each other’s trash?  What it is about other people’s throwaways that will bring hundreds of people to a neighborhood before 8 a.m. to scout out the “best stuff” before the official start of a sale?  

Our neighborhood is holding one of these full blown sales in a couple of weeks and yes, we are participating.  Why?  Why not?  We have SO much junk.  Yes I said it…junk..piled up in the garage and attic that it would seem wasteful to just throw it all away.  We could donate it of course – and we will donate the leftovers – but it just seems like selling it fits into the fabric of America, baseball and apple pie.  

And our kids are so excited. They can’t wait to sell their old toys.  “I get to keep the money, right.”  Of course.  Why not? 

But there is something just a little creepy about having strangers waiting at the top of the driveway as you finish setting up while trying to chug enough coffee to get through this.  The only good news is that my 13-year-old has a swim meet, so I’ll be heading there before the trash pickers show up in the ‘hood.

I hear that there are people who scout out these sales and go to every one. I am stressing about the time we have to spend on our own. I can’t even imagine willingly heading to someone else’s neighborhood to pick through their trash.  But this is America and to each his or her own.  

And I hate to break it to anyone coming to our sale.  But you aren’t going to find any hidden treasures to take on the Antique Roadshow. You will find a lot of big plastic toys and baby items.  Come and get it!