Summertime feels different. It just does. As a middle aged dad, I felt like I was nine years old as school was winding down. I couldn’t wait for summer to get here. No more pencils…no more books… Yes even as a parent that is still the first thought I had – the same as when I was nine.  The late night homework sessions.  The stress over tests and papers. The complaints about teachers who also seemed like they were ready for the school year to end and thus didn’t have the same excitement as they did at the beginning of the year.  It was time for it to end.

So now we are in summer. Pool parties.  Vacation trips. Swim and cheer camps.  Summer swim team. And a chance to catch our breath.

As for business, summer is a great time to take a long look at what is working and what isn’t.  Take time to figure out what kind of clients would make me happy come fall and start reaching out to those organizations for new business. I actually started the process in the spring and now have a lot of proposals out and am looking to see what will come through. Though spring is the time of rebirth, I still look to fall as the season when change happens.  It’s been that way since my first day of kindergarten and I’ve always treated it that way.  I even started my business in the fall and this year, God willing, will celebrate seven years as an entrepreneur.

But for now, let summer begin in all its glory. We have some great plans for the season as a family and I have a lot of fun projects to keep me busy until my fall rebirth.  

On Saturday I did something I don’t remember ever doing.  I found myself with about two hours of free time when my family was out.  I could have caught up on a project. Done some work around the house.  Gone out and run some errands. But I decided to pour a drink, grab a travel magazine and float in the pool. Probably the most relaxing two hours of my last six months.

Here’s to more two hour retreats like that one.