Ok, it’s hot.  Really hot.  This is a summer for the record books.  And I couldn’t be happier!  I hate hate hate hate hate hate winter.  I complain all winter long: the first snow, the last snow, the big snow, the freezing rain, the freezing temps and the below zero windchills.  I hate it all.

So you will never hear me complaining about summer.  I figure I’m just not allowed. I think I’m the only person on earth who has enforced that rule on myself.  I know that because when it’s cold, everyone seems to be complaining about the cold. Ditto when it’s hot.  I’ve even said to total strangers who are moaning about the heat “I hate cold so I don’t complain when it’s hot.”  The response I usually get is, “I hate cold too but this is just too hot.”  In other words, “I just like to complain.”

Now on to the heat. We built a pool two years ago and it has been pretty hot ever since in the summers.  A friend tells me our building the pool is responsible.  He doesn’t get it. Usually my building a pool would ensure COLD summers.  Really.

For example, last winter my new car was not responding well to the snowy roads in early January even though it is front wheel drive. I actually nearly got stuck on two different occasions – and had never experienced that before.  So I decided to bite the bullet and get snow tires for the first time in my life.  And guess what.  It never snowed again.  Not even a quarter inch.  All snow haters can thank me at anytime.  I’ll put those puppies back on the car early next year so that we can go snow free for the whole season!

Until then, enjoy the weather.  Or complain about it.  Everyone does. Image