Anyone who knows me knows that besides my family I have two favorite things in life.  Travel.  And planning travel.  But there is one part about vacation that I don’t like.  It’s the last week or so of “getting ready.” Wrapping up projects, making sure that back up is in place, getting things in order around the house and yard, buying all the last minute items and packing. Oy packing.  We are getting ready for a trip to visit family in Greece and I am positive that it is going to be amazing.  We’ve put a lot of time into planning this trip but we haven’t overbooked ourselves.  We have a lot of time to go with the flow of the day.  There is nothing better than anticipating that.

But as we begin to get to the part of the planning that makes me crazy, I of course say, “what were we thinking?”  I always do.  Work projects that normally take me minutes are taking days because I am realizing I didn’t close the loop on another project or talk to my subcontractors about what needs to happen when I am gone – or I’m getting distracted by “stuff.”

And the crazy thing is that I’m not going to be disconnected, except on the plane ride over and back. Otherwise, I have every form of communication possible and I won’t be turning off for even a day. As a small business person, I just can’t.  But it’s okay.  When you work for yourself, it’s not even a problem to keep that connection. It just is.

But back to my last minute planning.  I put a list together for myself last night with work and personal stuff mixed together.  I think there are 35 things to get done — each one more important than the other.  The last thing on the list is pack.  And that’s on purpose.  The one thing that I would get rid of when it comes to vacations is packing.  And not just my packing – but the whole family’s.  We are at one time the world’s worst packers and the world’s most overpacked family.  Every time. No matter if the trip is one day or one month.  Will I solve this problem this time?  Heck no.  Not a chance.  This trip may end being the worst ever from a packing perspective. The only thing keeping it in line are the luggage limits due to international travel.

So soon, off we go – to take a business break.  Cheers to UNDERpacking and getting all that getting ready stuff done.  Today.