I’m watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in the lobby of our hotel on the Greek Island of Andros.  On Greek TV.  In Greek.  And even though I didn’t understand what the heck they were saying, listening to the excitement in the voices of the anchors when Greece opened the parade of nations was electric.  The only  better place to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics would be at the Stadium in London.

We have now been in Greece for a full four days — five if you count the day we landed and sleep-walked through the day with severe jet lag after a 10 hour flight, greetings with relatives, a two hour ferry ride, one hour car ride and a quick check in to the hotel before spending time with even more wonderful relatives.

And what I I have observed so far is that the people are just as nice as I remember them from our first (and brief) trip last year.  The relatives really are happy we are back.  I was afraid we came back too soon and that they’d be bored of us already.  But no.  They can’t do enough for us.  We almost have to fight to do anything for ourselves.  When we go to Mykonos on Monday, we planned to take a taxi to the port.  Looks like we are getting a ride now.  We have been invited to so many people’s houses for dinner that we need to keep a calendar so as not to double book.

We are splitting our hotel stay on this island – staying at one place for a week now, heading to Mykonos for two days and then back here to a different hotel for 8 nights.  We chatted with the manager of the second hotel the other night to ask if we could possibly leave our bigger luggage there after checking out of hotel one and before heading to the port.  Was there any question?  “Of course…your bags will be in your room when you arrive.”   Now we travel a lot.  And I can’t imagine some miscellaneous Hilton or Marriott letting us do that without a nice surcharge.  Here, it was “no problem.”

I’m starting to get into the island vibe here and it’s a very different vibe than Caribbean or Hawaiian Islands.  It’s friendlier…more like family.  And since we are here BECAUSE of family, that all makes sense to me.

‘καλή νύχτα’ from Andros.