Let’s get right down to it.  There are hundreds – if not thousands – of ways to be a small business person.  Government leaders crow about how much they help small business but they are focused on one group only.  That’s the group that has a handful of employees – and get an incentive to hire one more. Think local pizza shop.  Or the company that makes some kind of widget.

The forgotten entrepreneur is the sole proprietorship, generally an LLC consisting of one employee.  One.  That employee serves as owner, president, worker bee, administrative assistant, janitor and everything in between.  My business fits into that mold.  So does my friend Dave Hagan, the personal trainer.  And so do millions of other Americans.  What breaks have we been given by the current administration? I’ll tell you what breaks – none.  And depending on what side of the mouth this current administration is speaking, we are likely being targeted for tax hikes because we have worked our asses off to achieve some level of success.  I’ve done the math. It actually would make sense for me to back off on adding new clients to my roster to avoid a huge potential tax hike.  What kind of sense does that make in a capitalist, free-market economy?  None.

I may not be able to hire another drive to deliver pizzas, but when I get new business, a whole raft of other companies and individuals benefit.  The designer I call to work with me on a brochure or web project.  The printer who prints the magazine.  The photographer who shoots the photos for the newsletter. The writer I bring in to help when I have too much work piling up and deadlines looming.  The media relations expert I bring in to help place a story.  The money I spend at the Apple Store on a new laptop to support the growing client list.  The lunch I treat my suppliers to that helps keep a restaurant in business and waiters working. And that’s just off the top of my head. It’s called trickle down and it’s real.  When I don’t have as much business, none of these things take place and I am not fueling the economy.

But go ahead Mr. President.  Raise taxes on the “rich.”  Maybe if you can finally decide what that magic number is, we can all figure out how to adjust our business plan downward so we can be sure to fall under it.  That sure will help the economy.