Last week my 14-year-old daughter wrote an amazing essay addressed to our founding fathers about the inspiration they provide and sacrifices they made. She invoked images of the Statue of Liberty to illustrate her point.  Today the founding fathers are probably rolling in their graves as they watch this country’s election season. Lady Liberty is weeping.

I could start this rant in so many different places but after picking up the mail today, I have to start here. I’m no tree hugger but I do try to do the right thing environmentally when possible.  The waste of paper and what happens to it is a particularly sore spot for me – especially in today’s electronic age.

The glossy oversized direct mail being sent to me daily from various political candidates goes directly into the recycle pile.  But the overabundance of this old-fashioned form of communication in this election is truly breathtaking. Isn’t it enough that you call me every night?  And do you really think that anything that you mail me (or your phone messages that I immediately delete for that matter) is going to change my mind about the election?

As bad as the negativity and constant vitriol and snarkiness of every single political candidate out there, the overwhelming waste of money to deliver your snarky message points is even worse.  Shut up already.  Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

Some things I wish I could end by snapping my fingers.

1.Stop wasting resources. I don’t want another direct mail piece, email, voicemail or Facebook message from any of you. Ever. Again.

2. I don’t want to see politicians on the Letterman show or MTV – I look to that kind of TV for entertainment and politics is NOT entertainment.  What’s next? – a cameo on Grey’s Anatomy or will a first lady join the cast of the Real Housewives of DC?

3.  Hollywood should shut its collective mouth. What an actor or singer says about politics only makes me want to go in the opposite direction.  Many of these individuals were merely lucky in the gene pool and couldn’t pass a third grade history, geography or math test. Their opinions are irrelevant.

4. Most importantly, stop the horrible negativity that is bringing this country down. We only show weakness when our sitting president is more interested in getting in a “zinger” during a debate than having a real plan or answering tough questions about a terrorist attack. We are less than one step away from being a third world country whose governing body regularly has fist fights in the aisles.

I wish I could look to the future and know that no matter who is elected to office that all of the people of the nation will get behind that individual and seek to build bridges and mend fences.  But I fear that ship has long since sailed as we have devolved into a country where anonymous attacks and bullying in social media and disrespect is not only tolerated, but celebrated. Our founding fathers would be ashamed.