angry-old-ladyI scheduled a trip to New York in hopes that I would have a few business meetings – a new business meeting or two and a get together with my friend and colleague who runs a foundation for which I provide pro bono PR assistance – the Kilimanjaro Education Foundation.  I was able to schedule one new business meeting and spend some time with Todd – the foundation director and I also squeezed in a quick reception with other alumni from my graduate program.  But overall I was just happy to be in the city.

I had been craving a New York trip for a few months and when I finally got a date for the new business meeting, I didn’t hesitate to schedule it. What I forgot was how crowded and expensive (the hotel that is) the city is right before the holidays.  But it’s also what makes it magical.  Thanks to my Marriott points, it was much less painful and  I spent most of my time walking and was able to admire store windows, hundreds of Christmas trees and countless lights.  I had great food, saw a Broadway show at half price (thanks TKTS) and visited an old friend.  My meetings all went well and I hope that it means I’ll have another trip coming up soon.

I was most proud of myself when I was able to navigate the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn for my first meeting. Nevermind that the station was two blocks from my hotel and I had a choice of two trains to get to my destination which was a straight shot – seven stop ride – and the walk from that station was two blocks from my meeting destination. This was a huge accomplishment for me because in my dozens of trips to New York, I have almost exclusively walked or taken a taxi everywhere.  I navigated the PATH train for a meeting in Hoboken last year but had never ridden the subway outside of a few stops in Manhattan – and that was usually with a friend.  The hilarious moment was when I couldn’t figure out how to buy the transit card from the machine and nearly had to ask someone for help (the horrors!).

The bad news on this trip was that I somehow managed to gain 3 pounds in three days despite walking the equivalent of 3 days at the gym every day.  I really didn’t eat that much.  Well..maybe the duck in Chinatown followed by the Cannoli in Little Italy did me in and doomed me from night one on.

I had great visions of doing some Christmas shopping and getting some work projects done while I was there but had time for neither.  Normally when I visit the NYC Apple Store, I am in heaven.  This time, when I walked in looking to replace my broken iphone case, I thought I had entered Dante’s Inferno.  I couldn’t get within three bodies of the wall of cases and gave up after an old lady shoved me.  There are some things I do like about visiting the Apple Store at the mall here.

All in all a great trip to NY and I can’t wait to get back.  I do love New York – but next time will watch out for the old ladies chasing iphone cases.