ImageWhy do you have to be so mean? Yes you Taylor Swift.  You claim to be a victim but by calling out anyone who ever wronged you via a song that will be heard by zillions, you are the ultimate mean girl wrapped up in a pretty package.

As for the rest of us…

If you’re on any social media, you know mean.

If you watch TV, you know mean.

If you have kids, you know mean.

What the hell is going on?  Does everyone need to have a snarky comment for everything? Has social media made us a society of people trying to “top” each other with the meanest comment of the day? Why are parents teaching their kids that forgiveness is never an option and that you should bully and pile on to another child who has made a mistake – or one who is just not a part of the clique?

As a kid who grew up in the 60s and 70s, I am not saying that this is a new phenomenon by any means.  But the nasty, snarky obnoxiousness, bullying and downright meanness has been raised to new levels.  Where does it stop?

We parents are to blame if we teach our kids to pile on to their “friends” or to never forgive someone who hurts them. Schools roll out programs on bullying on a seemlngly daily basis but it never seems to have an impact.  We read horror stories every day of a child being bullied to the point of turning violence on his tormentors or hurting him or herself to escape the pain. 

Is this why so many people are home schooling or using cyber schools these days?

Maybe it’s time for every one of us to take a step back and stop tweeting the mean comments, stop facebooking snarky, snotty posts and start talking to your kids about making good choices and setting themselves above the in crowd and practicing forgiveness when someone makes a mistake. 

For the many advances in society and technology, I guess that mean never gets old.  Well it does for me.