imagesMaybe it’s because I hated junior high, the medieval equivalent of today’s middle schools.  But I am ready to dance in the streets that middle school is over for daughter number one.

And with summer on the horizon, it brings with it dreams of great vacations and pool time with no lunch packing, homework help or buses to catch (or rides to school) at the last minute. I think I have felt this way since I was six years old and except for the adult years of no kids and just work, it’s a feeling that came back quickly once our kids hit school age.

I have not been a fan of middle school – almost from the beginning. The kids in our district go from an almost-too-nurturing environment in elementary school to a middle school fraught with some teachers who are clearly just putting in their time, a principal who thinks she is running a military school sometimes but is really just in way over her head and mean girls around every corner. Is it any wonder that I am glad this chapter is closing even though high school is filled with uncertainty as well?

We actually had a male teacher recently who, for a presentation, required — yes required — the girls to wear high heels.  I’m still not sure what I want to tell the principal and district about this but my talking points range from just how creepy this is to how this would be called sexual harassment in the workplace.

Yes, I’m done with middle school – at least until the little one gets there. I hope that some things will have changed or else I’ve mellowed out even more in my old age that this nonsense doesn’t bother me as much.

So let’s celebrate summer.  Vacations. Pool parties.  Sleeping in once in a blue moon.  Staying out late. And most importantly, the end of middle school – for now.