When I was growing up my mom made the most amazing chocolate cookies. Her chocolate drop cookies were the stuff of legends. Nearly 50 years later I can remember the feeling of opening my lunchbox and finding two perfect cookies in there to be savored at the end of lunch. Never shared. Always enjoyed.

I had what I believe is the recipe for these cookies earlier in my adult life and made them several times for my wife but somehow lost the recipe along the way. In trying to lose weight for the past five years I guess I kind of forgot about them but something this weekend touched off a nerve that set me off on a mission to find that recipe. I searched through every place it could be to no avail. Checked the Internet to see if I could find something that looked right. I texted my sister to see if she had the recipe. All of this searching was to no avail until she sent me a recipe that she said looked right. And it did. So I made them. Ingredients? Basically sugar, butter, chocolate, flour and milk. Not healthy. Not Paleo. Not the least bit good for you. But my gosh are they good.

IMG_6564Now it’s not like I don’t cook on a regular basis around the house but my kids were stunned when they tasted the batter and even more so when they tasted the cookies. I even got one of those moments in time when my youngest said, “I want to take two in my lunch tomorrow just like daddy did when he was a little boy.”

The circle of life.