UnknownI’ve been very tough on Brian Williams. Well, I haven’t called him or texted him about it or anything but in my mind and casual conversations with friends and colleagues I’ve really let him have it.  The news anchor sits high on a pedestal in this culture – someone who should be beyond reproach.  There have been other examples of anchors who have fallen from grace for various reasons but I don’t remember anyone who has been so for being an out-and-out liar.  But with some time having passed since “the big lie” I have reflected on how Brian Williams is merely a mirror of his viewers – all of whom deserve the same tough scrutiny and criticism.

First there’s the resume enhancer.  Over the course of my career I have seen too many resumes that are “enhanced” as their owners would like you to believe. It starts with the filling in of unemployed times with jobs or assignments that were neither full time nor all that relevant to the career path that people include because they’ve been warned to not have holes in their resumes.  I can almost forgive these lies.  But then some people continue to exaggerating  success at a job which is at its root a lie.  Then there are those who invent degrees that they don’t hold. And for those people I believe there is no hope because they are liars at the core.

On a smaller scale, you have people who lie to make themselves look good much like Williams. Who’s going to know that I wasn’t the war hero…or the captain of the football team…or student government president…or a volunteer with Make A Wish?  A fib, a little white lie,they say.  Another black mark against your character, I say.

Today’s technology has given liars so many other ways to perfect their skills – whether it’s a Facebook post, a Tinder profile or LinkedIn career summary.  Lying has become part of the daily fabric of many lives today and perhaps Brian Williams is just the president of that club.

So what’s the solution?  It’s the same thing I tell every client every day.  Tell the truth.  Period.  Today’s technology that has so many opportunities for lying is also the monitor that liars should fear.  Social media posts don’t disappear. Email is forever.  Video evidence is everywhere. So for Brian Williams and all his lying minions, look in that mirror, fear the retribution and tell the truth.