UnknownI have often been described as a tough editor. I actually had a boss once give me a pencil that had stamped on it the words “Editorial Guillotine.” I took it as a compliment and wore that moniker as a badge of honor.

While I may be a tough editor, I’m not an editor for editing’s sake. In other words, I don’t edit just to make it look like I was deeply engaged in a project. I edit because editing is needed or because it will improve the flow of a piece.

Back in my early years in PR, I had a supervisor who DID edit for editing sake and I vowed to never become that guy. My absolute favorite edit that he ever made was changing the word “happy” to “glad.”

It’s my favorite edit because I use it now to describe a bad editor or when reviewing copy I will tell the writer that I am not going to be changing “happy” to “glad” just for the sake of change.

Editing is an art that must walk the fine line between enforcing rules of grammar while not infringing on a writer’s style. Truth be told, I may enjoy editing at least as much as writing and that makes me happy. Or glad.