canstockphoto3250584Almost as soon as the Vanity Fair cover appeared, the speculation began about Caitlyn Jenner’s next move and among the speculation was a possible appearance on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Whether or not it makes sense for Jenner to appear on the popular show can be argued both ways, particularly from a public relations perspective.

The carefully orchestrated campaign by Bruce Jenner and his camp to announce the transition and then Caitlyn Jenner’s subsequent first photos on the cover of Vanity Fair have been nothing short of brilliant when it comes to PR value. And it’s for that reason that I believe there are still skeptics who amazingly (and wrongfully) believe that this is all a publicity stunt. Great publicity can be orchestrated given the right sense of circumstances and a stunt is not a necessity. Jenner and her advisors have done all the right things at the right time to treat a potentially volatile story with the utmost of sensitivity and sensibility.

But whether or not the next step of high profile appearances should include a season on Dancing With The Stars has to be something that if the Jenner camp is considering – that it is considering with a great deal of thought and running a good old list of pros and cons.

Why Caitlyn Jenner Should Appear on DWTS

Like everything else in this well-thought-out series of events, an appearance on DWTS in October could revive a storyline that may have gotten a little stale by then. If Jenner’s true to her word that this is all about happiness and a little education on the side, then DWTS could thrust her story back into the spotlight right about the time that it may be off most people’s radar screen.

In addition, DWTS is a softball way to get herself in the entertainment spotlight without facing tough questions from reporters. Jenner would, in effect, get to script her own story and tell America – and the world – what she wants it to hear, when she wants everyone to hear it. Even as a castoff appearing on Good Morning America, Jenner isn’t going to deal with anything even semi-tough when the morning crew gushes over her dancing skills and talks to her professional dance partner about what a great job she did in tough circumstances. While careers haven’t been revived on the show, some of the stars from DWTS have become more a part of the public conscious than they had been for years. And while Jenner doesn’t need to be thrust back into the scene, an appearance can certainly keep her relevant for a longer period of time.

Why Caitlyn Jenner Should Avoid DTWS

It can be argued that Jenner’s story has already risen to a point that it supersedes an entertainment show like DWTS. Her story has been told in serious tones, in serious venues and DWTS may be a little too soft to keep going the narrative that has evolved.

Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t need DWTS. With millions upon millions of Twitter followers and a carefully crafted messaging campaign, Jenner’s story may have already jumped the likes of DWTS and an appearance may only bring down the narrative to a level of entertainment fluff that will take away the impact that has grown over the past several months.

Whether it’s the right move or not, it won’t surprise me if Jenner dances or if she chooses to sit this one out. My best guess? If Jenner’s PR machine keeps up its magnificent record of success as the reality show launches this summer, I don’t think you’ll see her in high heels dancing the cha cha to a Disney song this fall. To dance or not to dance? That is the question.