imagesWith the election approaching its 50 day mark, you would think the two presidential candidates and their campaigns would have well-oiled machines and not be making PR gaffes on a seemingly hourly basis.

Do their staffs not know what they are doing? Are they not taking the advice of their staffs? Have the candidates spent too much time shielded from the real world that they think don’t understand that what they say WILL come back to bite them? Or are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump really that stupid?

Any of these scenarios are scary as hell for the country. Heaven knows that other presidents have had PR issues throughout their terms but I can’t remember the level of stupidity that I am seeing in this campaign.

Just in the last week, Clinton chose to use a speaking engagement to insult millions of Americans by using the term “basket of deplorables.” It was stunning not just in the word used but in the explanation that she offered to describe these individuals. When she tried to apologize, she only apologized by offering that she shouldn’t have used the word “half” in saying that that’s how many of Trump’s followers are deplorables. News flash for Clinton and her team: everyone who supports Trump now feels you were talking directly to them. Everyone.   And whether she truly feels that way or not, since when was it okay to insult in such a nasty way citizens of the country that you want to lead? Sounds like something that a dictator would use to crush a revolution.

And then there’s Trump. With Clinton plummeting in public opinion polls because of the deplorables comment and questions about her health, he just can’t leave well enough alone. Looking inside his mind, did he really come up with “Let’s talk about where Barack Obama was born because that has always served me well.” The birther movement may have been how Trump first captured attention on a political level but do he and his team not realize that they didn’t capture POSITIVE attention for it? This is the kind of thing that you just want to push down in the Google results with better news ahead, but now the first search results you will see on Trump will once again be all about the birther movement.

It’s truly stunning to watch these two candidates try to hand each other the election. And it’s truly frightening for the future of our country that these two candidates are what we are left as the choice for America. Check closely in New York Harbor because Lady Liberty is weeping.