slide1The 2016 presidential election has been called the first made-for-social media campaign. With just two weeks to go, Talkwalker, an international social media analytics company, has created a dashboard to analyze the online discussions about the two major presidential candidates as we head into debate season and the final push for the Clinton and Trump campaigns.

Want to know what the breakdown is between the candidates in terms of overall share of online buzz, share of topics, hashtags being used, overall positive and negative posts about each candidate or emerging people and topic themes, this real-time social media dashboard does all that and more.

Data is updated every 15 minutes and you can find even more detailed insights by hovering over a broad variety of elements. This open resource is available for you to use to get up to date statistics for use in blogs, tweets and articles. If you want to dig deeper, for even more in-depth information, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Jeff Durosko Communications has been working with Talkwalker throughout the debate season to assist news media nationwide with using the data to monitor and illustrate the conversation around the two major candidates in perhaps the most acrimonious presidential race in most of our lifetimes. Media like Voice of AmericaTech RepublicDigidayPR DailyAdweekThe DrumMediaFiledDC and CNET, along with TV and radio stations around the U.S. have called on Talkwalker statistics to tell their stories.

As the election draws nearer, the social media chatter will increase and Talkwalker will be monitoring it moment-by-moment.